Why this program is different

Many programs these days require monthly membership fees. As an entrepreneur, I understand why this is a good business model.

However, as a busy mom who genuinely wants to help other succeed and feel supported, there is no monthly membership fee required!

My passion is to help you succeed! My goal is to provide you with all the support, tools and resources needed for success without pricy membership fees.

Tone in 10 was specifically designed with the lifestyle of a busy, modern day woman in mind.

I know first hand the struggles of trying to take care of ourselves while also caring for everyone else.

We often put our own health and happiness on the backburner because we lack time, energy and even motivation.

The biggest problem most women face is feeling guilty for taking time to care for themselves.

Can you relate?

But this is where we have it all backwards.

The best way we can care for others is to care for ourselves.

When we take a little time to nurture our bodies and minds, we exude a happiness and confidence that is contagious to those around us and we are better equipped to tackle any challenges we may be facing.

This program is more than just losing weight

It is designed to help you uncover YOUR ideal health, happiness and confidence through quick, energy boosting and stress reducing workouts with a supportive and positive community to help keep you motivated.

We must not forget that physical appearance is not the best measurement of our health and happiness.

I believe that the mental benefits of exercise are extremely important in a world of overstimulation, high stress and constant pressure to fit unrealistic "perfect" molds.

My goal is to help women feel more confident in their bodies with both mental and physical strength to keep going each day.

I do not believe that we all have to do the same things to get results because there is no "one size fits all" program.

However, I do believe that everyone should do something each day to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally.

This program helps you understand the "Why" which is the key to success

When we know "why" something works, we are more likely to stick with it.

Instead of simply prescribing you workouts and letting you figure it out as you go, this program provides you with a brief understanding and background of why the workouts are so effective for losing more weight in less amount of time.

I am not going to sugarcoat it, the workouts may feel very challenging at first.

You may even be asking yourself, "why the hell am I doing this?!"

It's okay, I ask myself the same thing from time to time too.

BUT...this is why understanding the mechanism behind the workouts will help keep you motivated to keep pushing yourself to reach your goals.

Who would have thought that doing less work would translate to more results?

Not me!

Until I started reading the data and seeing it for myself.

Quick, higher intensity workouts have given me the best results I have ever seen while working out much less!

I would MUCH rather workout a little harder than a lot longer with the risk of not seeing the best results.

This program focuses on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

First, I want you to repeat after me....

Longer workouts do not translate to better results. Now, twist the words a little and say, "the harder I go, the faster I can be done and the better results I can get!"

As a matter of fact, long workouts can actually prevent you from reaching your goals by being more difficult to stick with and not pushing yourself hard enough to warrant physical changes your body and muscle in order to drop body fat and reshape your physique.

One thing I want you to always remember is something is ALWAYS better than nothing...even if it is just 10 minutes a day!

This program focuses more on what women want and need

Most training programs fail to look at what women want most and only focus on the physical changes that result from working out and eating well.

I can attest to this because I was on of those trainers when I first started training clients over 10 years ago.

However, experience has taught me otherwise!

Women want confidence, strength and health. Not an overly muscular physique.

We want more energy to keep up with our kids and taking care of our homes.

We need to reduce stress and release those "feel good" endorphins to keep us positive, happy and energetic when life is stressful and overwhelming.

Focusing on the mental benefits of exercise will lead to much more sustainable results than simply focusing on the physical changes.

Simple, realistic and sustainable

The number one thing that I see when it comes to trying to figure out what program to follow is that there is too much information and not enough support.

I believe that SUPPORT is the most important factor to success! We are living in a society where health and fitness is not supported the way it should be.

Fitness is definitely not as hard or complicated as the fitness industry likes to make it seem.

Consistency over time is the key to success and many programs fail to offer the support needed to stay consistent.

My hope is to provide you with both the information AND the support you need to finally see results without feeling guilty for taking time for yourself and nourishing both your body and mind.

Course Format

This program is designed to be easily accessible anytime/anywhere. The workouts and motivation is literally at your fingertips!

By downloading the Teachable app on your smart phone, you will no longer have an excuse not to get your 10 minute (or longer!) workout in.

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